My name is Brenda. I have two fur children named Piper and Perry.  Which means I am constantly lint rolling my clothes and stepping on dog toys wherever I go. You will often find me reaching for a Coke, sporting a top knot, and wearing yesterday's outfit. Hey, if it's clean... I'm wearing it! I am also an obsessive movie/tv quoter. If you haven't seen the greatest show ever created... FRIENDS... can I please be the person who gets you to watch it?!

I live in sunny Southern California where most people think I am constantly at the beach or at Disneyland. Truth is I spend a lot of my time at home obsessing over my fur babies.

My approach is a bit different than your average photographer. I won’t put you in stuffy poses or ask you to do the “prom pose”. I thrive off of humans connecting in their natural state. If your kids want to run wild in a field… I’ll be there to chase after them to capture the magic. I’m in this to catch the loving glances, stolen kisses, hand holding and the laughter from me making a dad joke… it’s bound to happen! I feel like our generation spends too much time trying to look perfect on social media, I don’t want my photography to turn into that. Life can be messy, so let’s embrace it while still turning that mess into beauty.

If you’re still reading this, head over to the book me section and let’s get this party started!